Step 1
Upload any audio or video file. We accept all file types (limit of 2GB).
Step 2
Review and adjust your time-synced file. Timestamps and speaker designations included! Demo the Temi tool.
Step 3
Save & export your completed transcript. MS Word today, other formats coming soon.
"Temi is a game-changer for time-starved journalists. You have saved me countless hours transcribing interviews, vastly improving my accuracy and productivity. Thank you!"
— Bradley J. Fikes, The San Diego Union-Tribune
"We Temi all our interactions with clients to create a fast, searchable record to review and identify common themes when crafting communications strategies."
— Kelly Gardner, KCD Public Relations

For journalists and reporters

Taylor conducts daily interviews and is subject to tight deadlines.

Taylor uploads his recordings to Temi to get a rough draft before he returns to the office.

For podcasters, bloggers, and authors

Temi's speed enables Larissa to post both audio & text at the same time. Plus, the text helps her climb the search engine results quickly and find new listeners.

Transcripts in minutes, delivered to your email.