We launched Temi as a way to make quality automated transcripts available to everyone. Since launching our speech-to-text transcription service last summer, our high-volume customers have asked for the same advanced speech recognition in an easy-to-integrate API. We’re happy to say the wait is over. Announcing, Temi’s brand new speech-to-text transcription API!

The Temi API saves you hours of time by allowing you to place transcription orders directly from where you store media files, automating your workflow. By using our API, you’ll get all of the benefits available to Temi users, minus the hassle of uploading files manually.

Who is the API great for?

If you use Temi frequently, you will save a ton of time by using the Temi API. Instead of manually uploading each individual file, consider integrating with the API or using our Zapier integration which will be released next week!

How does it work?

Rather than uploading files to Temi, you can write code or assign triggers that automate the process. We give developers the tools they need to incorporate automatic transcription into their workflow.

How much does it cost?

There’s no upfront cost for you to integrate with our API. The only cost is for our transcription service which is 25 cents per audio minute.

What are 3 specific use cases for Temi’s API?
  • Journalists who conduct lots of interviews. Record interviews and then upload them to dropbox or Google Drive. The files are then automatically sent to Temi, transcribed, and returned in minutes.
  • Firms with thousands of audio files that need transcribing. Rather than have someone manually upload each file to Temi.com, integrate with our API and automatically upload all the files at once.
  • Send meeting notes en masse, automatically. One of our first API customers, Fireflies.ai, automatically transcribes and stores what is said during meetings. The AI dials into phone calls, listens to the audio, and then sends “meeting notes” to all parties. The speech-to-text is powered by Temi!

For more information, please head over to temi.com/api.

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