There’s a new way to record and convert speech to text from your phone, and for a limited time, the app is 100% free to try on both iPhone and Android devices.

Our motivation behind this new app is simple: we want to make automatic transcription fast, affordable and simple for everyone. If you work in a creative industry, you know that inspiration for that next idea could strike at any time. Wouldn’t it be nice to record your thoughts on the spot and have an easy-to-search transcript delivered to your inbox for later review? We thought so. Temi’s app is also great for conducting interviews.

automated transcription app screen shots

Use Temi’s new speech to text transcription app to:

  • Record audio on the go
  • Turn your audio into a transcript in minutes
  • View and edit your transcript on any device using our mobile web editor
  • Share with teammates for collaborative editing

Connie Huang, a Product Manager for Temi, saw the app through from planning to launch, and is excited to see Temi in the app store, but also knows that her team’s work is far from done. Her team is actively listening to customer feedback, testing new features and improving design to make the app as useful as possible. We asked Connie to tell us a little bit more about the thought behind Temi’s app and what to expect next.

What role did you play in the app launch?

I drafted the app experience and design with our designers and engineers. Although the first version is simplistic in features, it gives you a quick way to record audio and actually do something with your recording.

Why would someone decide to use the Temi app instead of

If you are creating your own recordings, the Temi app is the fastest and easiest way to send recordings directly to for transcription. When you use a separate recording app or device, you have to remember to export the recording, send it to your desktop, and then upload it to It adds so many extra steps to your workflow that we want to help you avoid.

The sooner you send something to Temi, the faster you get your transcript back and can use it to write articles or blog posts, finish your dissertation, and search for important keywords and quotes while hitting deadlines. We think it’s especially important to handle your recordings on the spot while the content is fresh in your mind. If you wait, chances are you will have to relisten to the recording to remember what it was about and why it was valuable in the first place.

What’s the most useful feature of the app?

Being able to send recordings for automatic transcription with a single tap.

What’s challenging about launching a new app?

Making sure we included enough features for the app to be exciting but not too many that we pigeonhole ourselves in one direction. We love learning from our users to understand what to improve upon and build next. With this first release, we did not want to assume there was one dominant user behavior that we should start forcing on everyone.

We are lucky to have a very diverse set of users across many industries, from media professionals to higher education. These customers have wildly different needs when using the transcript we give them. We’re watching to see how users fit Temi into their workflow, and we’re building improvements based on that.

Download our new speech-to-text transcription app to your phone and start recording immediately:


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