Wes Gay is a writer and marketing consultant. He is a StoryBrand Certified Copywriter and Guide, helping businesses clarify their marketing message and position themselves to win millennials. He lives with his wife and two young sons in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.

We created the following post with excerpts from the transcript of a phone interview with Wes. We discussed his process of using automatic transcription as a dictation tool to capture his ideas while driving in the car. The product of 30 minutes stuck in traffic? About 4,000 transcribed words that he turns into 3-4 individual blog posts.

Here’s Wes

I use the foundational principles of storytelling to help companies clarify their marketing message. Part of that is doing my own content creation. Along with copywriting and marketing consulting work, I also write for Forbes and maintain my own blog.

I have to crank out quite a bit of content on a regular basis. I’ve been writing blog posts for a long time, and I’ve always been a little frustrated with myself because I’d have tons of ideas but couldn’t type them fast enough. I’d be in the car thinking just let me get this out of my head and into a document so I can go back and use it for something later. And that’s how I used Rev.com before I got Temi app, which is even better for me. I’ve used it a number of times already. Primarily in my own content creation.

I spend so much time in the car and while it’s illegal to type, it’s not illegal to talk. So, what I’ve started doing is outlining a blog post or some piece of content that I’m trying to create while on the road. I just hit record in the app and talk while I am driving, and then I upload it to Temi to get a transcript that I clean up in the editor. That’s how I’ve used it so far it’s been really helpful.

What’s your content creation process using automatic transcription?

I’m using transcripts as my rough draft. It lets me get all of my thoughts and ideas out of my head and into a document that I can edit later.

I typically outline an idea in a mind map first because that’s just the easiest way for my brain to do it. I’ll mind map on my Mac using an app called MindNode. And then once I have that, I might pull it up so I can look at it while I’m recording my ideas. Next, I upload the recording to Temi and have my project manager go through and do an initial clean up. Then, I’ll go back later and do a heavy edit to make sure it’s my ideas are clear. After that, I’ll post it to whatever channel I’m sending it to. That’s how I’m using it now, as a way to create entire pieces of content.

Making the Most of Your Drive Time

With Temi I finally feel like I have a tool that helps me capture my time in the car. When I have about an hour in the car, I could listen to podcasts but I’ve got too many content ideas in my head. Instead, during that hour I’ll spend 30 minutes recording my thoughts which once transcribed, translates to roughly 4,000 words or 3-4 blog post drafts.For content creators, a tool like this is really helpful.

On the Imperfect Quality of Automatic Transcription

This is an automated tool that’s helping me get my ideas on paper much, much faster. It’s not me typing it out. Nothing is 100 percent accurate, not even humans.To me, an 80 percent accurate word document is better than a 100 percent accurate post that is only living inside of my head.

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