According to Dr. Patricia Huston, writer’s block is defined as, “a distinctly uncomfortable inability to write.” And while there’s no “cure”, there have been several studies done on the science of writer’s block and how to can overcome it.

What’s important to know is that even the most disciplined of writers experiences both writer’s block and distractions at some point or another. Unfortunately, writer’s block usually hits at random moments in the creative process, which can cause extreme frustration especially when under a tight deadline.

There are a variety of apps for writers that are transforming the entire writing process. All of these apps include ways to help ease distraction and increase productivity.

While the list of writing apps that can help with writing productivity is truly endless, below are some of the top-rated ones.


Dubbed as one of the best note-taking apps out there, Evernote allows users to take notes in multiple formats including text, pictures, voice memos, and more. After the note taking is done, they will automatically be synced into accounts so they can be easily accessible access all devices.

This app is perfect for those unexpected inspirational moments. It’s also the ideal app for brainstorming and organizing before a project is started.

writer productivity apps Evernote

The base fee and structure of Evernote allows users 60MB of free storage, and is a great option for writers looking to take plain text notes. There’s also an option to upgrade for additional space and features.

The Evernote app is available on desktop or the App Store and Google Play.

Temi’s Automatic Transcription App

While Evernote does have voice memo technology, if you’re looking to automatically turn your recordings into text, then Temi is the way to go. What Temi does that Evernote does not, is convert recordings into transcribed text.

A lot of writers use temi as a dictation tool to speed up the writing process and give themselves a quick rough draft. That’s a big time save when the average person speaks somewhere between 125-150 words per minute, but only types an average of 65-75 words per minute.

With Temi’s app for Android and iOS, record unlimited amounts of audio for free, and pay only 25 cents per minute to convert recorded audio into an interactive text transcript.

writer productivity apps Temi

Writer’s Block Buster

If you’re simply at a loss for words, the Writer’s Block Buster app will help to spark creativity for all types of writers in all genres. Featuring fourteen icons, this app allows writers to further develop their writing mechanics and creativity through educational guides and questionnaires. It’s an excellent creative resource for writers searching for that next big idea.

Other features of Writer’s Block Buster include a notes section to jot down ideas, dialogue to find the perfect word replacement for those common prepositions and phrases, and music/audiobook control.

writer productivity apps Writers Block

Currently, this app is only available on iOS devices for $3.99.

For those Android users, there are similar apps to help boost creativity. One such app is Writing Challenge which provides prompts to help fuel inspiration and encourage writing practice.


To help with procrastination, this app blocks access to distracting websites, email, and practically anything on the internet during dedicated work time. In doing so, it forces writers to focus on research and the task at hand.

To set-up SelfControl, simply select a period of time, add sites to the “blacklist”, and click start. During that selected time, users will not be able to access anything that’s on the blacklist. Even if you restart the app, the timer still holds true.

SelfControl is a free, open source app for all Mac users.

Those looking for something a bit more drastic should look at Write or Die. While built on the same premise as SelfControl, Write or Die goes to extremes, and will even delete text if work isn’t done on time.


Another great app to increase writer productivity is RescueTime. With this app, users can track how much time they spend on various applications and websites, thus giving an accurate picture of how your day is spent. While it’s oftentimes easy to guess how long is spent on writing, checking email, or surfing Facebook, this app holds users accountable with an exact breakdown. Another great feature of this app is the ability to block distracting websites which will help writers to stay focused and productive.

writer productivity apps Rescue Time

ResuceTime is available on Mac, PC, Android, and Linux. There is a free version which allows users to track time, set goals, receive a weekly report, and a 3-month history. For those who are more serious about increasing their productivity, this app does offer a premium version for $9 per month, which includes a variety of tracking and analyzing features.


Try any of the above apps for writers to help streamline the writing process. Are you using your smartphone to cultivate better habits? Talk to us in the comments below! We’d love to hear about what apps work best for you.

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