So you’re looking for an automatic transcription service? When it comes to transcription, journalists, content marketers, and grad students in need of a quick draft tend to prioritize turnaround time over accuracy. This is why many media professionals choose automatic transcription which is around 80-90% accurate depending on audio quality, over human transcription which is closer to 99% accurate. Automatic transcription allows busy professionals to save both time and money; it’s faster than doing the tedious transcription work yourself and much less expensive than hiring a professional.

Price and speed are key factors to consider when searching for the best automatic transcription service. Our goal is to offer simple and affordable transcription services and useful editor features. We also want to help you make an informed choice, which is why we’ll be comparing other speech to text transcription services to Temi in a series of blog posts. Below, we’ll take a detailed look at’s standard pricing and features compared to Temi’s.

1. Price Per Minute

The most common way automatic transcription services charge is based on the length of your audio or video file. Temi is on-demand and you only pay for what you need. With Trint, you’re buying credits and using them over time. Also, Temi charges by the audio minute while Trint charges by the hour.

  • Temi: $0.25 per minute / $15 per hour
  • Trint: $0.25 per minute / $15 per hour
2. Delivery Speed

The incredible thing about automatic transcription is how fast audio and video content is converted to text. Both services can turn around a transcript in less time than the length of the uploaded file. To get more specific, we placed a test order for a transcript of a 26-minute clip from a popular National Geographic Documentary on both Temi and Trint. Temi returned the transcript 55% faster.

  • Temi: Transcript delivered in 4 minutes for $6.50
  • Trint: Transcript delivered in 7 minutes for $6.50
3. Transcript Editors

Something to keep in mind about automatic transcription is that the results are not 100% accurate, especially when your file has background noise, multiple speakers, or accents. For this reason, a transcript editor is an essential tool that makes cleaning up your file much easier compared to using a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

  • Both Temi and Trint offer interactive transcript editors, where users can view, edit, and share transcripts.
4. Transcribing Your First File

Both services also offer free trials to let you test out their service before placing a paid order.

  • Temi: First file is free to transcribe, regardless of length
  • Trint: First 30 minutes are free to transcribe
5. Speech-to-Text Transcription Apps

This is a great solution for media professionals looking to record audio and place transcript orders right from their phone.

  • Temi: Offers a free, native app for iOS and Android with unlimited audio recording, transcription order placing at $0.10 per minute, and file sharing
  • Trint: Does not have an app
6. Language Options

An important factor to consider if you need automatic transcripts in more than one language.

  • Temi: Order transcripts in English only
  • Trint: Order transcripts in English + 12 other languages including Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, European Spanish, and Swedish

Busy professionals in need of a quick transcript save hours of time by taking advantage of automated transcription. As a brand new service, we’re working tirelessly to make Temi meet the needs of those who can benefit from this fast, affordable alternative to traditional transcription. We’re currently working on making our service more accurate and faster. Please don’t hesitate to share any and all feedback with our team at

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