Austin Neudecker of recently joined Tony Boucher on Startup Show San Diego to discuss Temi’s artificial intelligence for transcription. Enjoy the embedded video or check out a full transcript (transcribed by Temi and polished in the online editor!) of the interview below.

Here’s the full trancript:

Tony Boucher: Hi. Welcome to Startup Show San Diego, a TV show about startup companies. I’m your host, Tony Boucher, and we’re here during startup week, and we’re at our HQ, WeWork cowork. And today I’m here with co-founder of, Austin Neudecker. Austin, thanks so much for being here.

Austin Neudecker: Hey Tony.

Tony: So Austin, you’re always doing something interesting and getting into the startups, so what do you have for us this time?

Austin: Yes, so recently, we just launched So what Temi is, it’s an automated transcription service. You can drop any video or audio file into our website, and within a couple of minutes, you get the full transcript of what was said during that recording of an interview.

Tony: Like this one.

Austin: Like this one. And a sync to the media file so you can actually track when everything was said.

Tony: Wow. So what inspired this idea?  Why did you create it?

Austin: Yes, so we actually have been working on another company called,  R-E-V. We actually have about 10,000 stay-at-home workers that work on our platform every day. We found one of the best use cases of that was a transcription service. And for that service, we actually are doing quite well. We’re growing very quickly. We are employing tons of people. We really enjoy doing that, but we also are building a lot of data and we’re using that data to train an artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm to build a, let’s be honest here, a lower quality version. The humans are always going to be better at this than the machines are. But we can get really pretty good pretty close now to give to the type of easy transcription, almost immediately, to people that don’t need perfect but need, like, pretty good.

Tony: Wow, that’s incredible and then have you had a company or person that has worked with this software that has really enjoyed it?

Austin: Yes, so a great example actually is in this building. So, in this building is the San Diego Union-Tribune, and we’re actually, we found a couple reporters to start with, Roger Showley and Bradley, upstairs. And they are using this every day. They’re interviewing people. They’re dropping it into our website. They’re getting quotes that they like, and they’re pulling that out of the video. They’re spreading it like wildfire within that organization, and we’re going out to now a lot of journalists and reporters who are finding it’s a really good use case for

Tony:  Wow, so how long has this been around?

Austin: So we’ve been around for about eight weeks.

Tony: Only eight weeks.

Austin: And we’ve been growing like crazy. So we just passed, I think, about 70 or 80 thousand minutes submitted to the site.

Tony: Wow.

Austin: And what we really focus on is trying to make sure that our customers that use us once, have such a good experience that they’re coming back and using us on a regular basis.  And some of our repeat users use this about six times a week while so it’s almost every day that they use this tool in their workflow.

Tony: Wow. So only eight weeks into it, and you’ve gained so much traction. Where are you hoping that this is going to go in the future?

Austin: Yes, so we’re hoping that we start with kind of specific use cases. I think reporters are a great one. Podcasters, bloggers…but we’re trying to expand the scope of who this might apply to. Right? People that are doing marketing online, and they want to get better SEO out of their videos. This is a great way to do that quickly. So, we’re looking towards a lot of features. You know, our main way that we decide what to build next is, we talk to customers. I talk to three to four customers every day about how they’re using Temi, what they like, and I watch their web sessions. And I try to figure out, what’s the one thing we want to build next week that will add to their experience significantly. And so we’re thinking now about building a mobile app. We’re thinking about doing a bunch of things like live transcriptions. So as we’re talking, you know, it’s starting to generate that transcript as we go. And so, we don’t know which one we’re going to do first except for learning every day from our customers.

Tony: Wow. So if you do want to give Austin some feedback on it, try it out, and see where it’s going in the future. Where do we go to find out more?

Austin: So it’s very simple. Go to Again, that T-E-M-I, dot com. There’s a big button right when you get to the website. Click on that button, upload a file, and within a couple of minutes, you’ll have a transcript and a pretty cool online editor.

Tony: Wow.

Austin: And in that editor, you can see the speaker names and edit them. You’ll see timestamps. You can click on it and jump to any part of the video. You could edit the text and then download it in whatever format you want.

Tony: Wow, that is incredible. And I know that Startup Show San Diego will also be using for this interview as well. And Austin, thank you so much for being here.

Austin: Thank you, Tony.

Tony: And thank you guys so much. See you next time.


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