Temi provides:
(with every purchase, no additional cost)
Access to our proprietary speech recognition algorithm.
The Temi team includes some of the sharpest minds in machine learning and speech recognition. Our accuracy continues to improve every day!
Delivery into our custom online editing tool.
Use Temi to perfect your processed draft. Change text while following along with the media file.
Review & edit your recording synchronized with text.
Adjust the speed of playback and skip through the file quickly by clicking on text or the underlined timestamps.
Timestamps at every speaker change, new paragraph, and whenever text is selected.
Temi knows the timing of every word in the file. Use this to surgically find exactly what you need.
Speaker identification.
We attempt to mark every change of speaker and label repeated speakers.
Export into MS Word.
Temi is busy building new formats and integrations which we will announce as they go live.
Get a free transcript during our beta.