When a tool makes people faster at their job or removes tedious tasks from the day, we call that a win. That same spirit of efficiency is what led us to build an automated transcription service and online editor. Speech recognition is a fast, but imperfect way to convert audio to text. And depending on your transcription needs, a less than perfect output might be okay. For example, some people just need a rough draft of their audio so they can search for quotes or specific keywords; others demand 100% accuracy. Temi converts audio to text in minutes and comes with an online editor to make your transcript more accurate.

The Temi editor lets you:

  • View and edit an interactive transcript while your audio/video file plays
  • Adjust playback speed to review and edit text
  • Customize timestamps within the transcript
  • Identify speakers and easily edit their names
  • Undo changes or revert back to the original transcript
  • Export a final draft into Word, TXT or PDF

To see the Temi Editor in action, click here or upload your own file at Temi.com.

What else is handy about the Temi Editor? We sat down with Temi’s Engineering Lead, Evan Marshall, to see what he had to say.

What’s something most people don’t know about the Temi Editor?

Many customers don’t realize it’s mobile-friendly. Being able to look at the editor on an iPad or phone is a pretty useful feature. Temi’s can also handle very large files. I’ve tested videos up to eight hours long with no problem.

What’s the editor’s most useful feature?

All of the timestamp information that we have is really helpful for our users. If you’re editing a transcript, the hardest part is syncing the audio with the text. What people used to do is open Word or Google Docs and try to type while having a media player like Quicktime running the audio in the background. The problem was, they’d miss a part and would have to switch screens and rewind. Having it all in one place is by far the biggest benefit over using something like Word as a transcript editor.

What kind of features can we expect to see added to the editor?

We’ll add more hotkeys and also make them customizable. Right now, you only have two hotkeys: tab to play or pause and shift + tab to rewind. A lot of the changes we’re making at this time are meant to make the tool more useful.

What’s been the most interesting part of working on Temi’s editor?

For me, the most interesting part is finding the balance between usability and functionality. We wanted to make the editor as simple as possible so anyone can use it without specialized training. As we get more customers, we also want to ensure that people who use the tool often are as efficient as possible. We’ve started adding more powerful functionality while retaining our minimalist design.

On a more personal note, I expected many of our customers to be journalists and podcasters. As we continue to grow, I’m both impressed and surprised by the variety of content creators our tool serves.


Like any great tool, Temi Editor is a work in progress. Evan and the rest of our team are working non-stop to continue improving our current features and add new ones. Have you had a chance to give Temi a try? We’d love to hear what you think. Please don’t hesitate to share any and all feedback with our team at temisupport@temi.com.

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